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“Since I’ve known Ashura, I do have patience to endure the biggest of difficulties”/ Interview with Ms. Kolsum from Kenya Shia community

SHAFAQNA- Ms. Kolsum is a member of Shia community of Kenya. In an interview with Shafaqna, she explains about the culture of Ashura in her community.

Shafaqna: How well is Imam Husayn (A.S) and the event of Ashura known to your people, Muslims or non-Muslims?
Kolsum: We have a procession every Ashura. We have the “Who is Husayn” campaign and try our best to spread the message to the people (non Muslims). We organize inter-faith programs and try to invite our brothers and sisters from other religions/communities to the mosque.
Shafaqna: How are Muharrem mourning ceremonies held in your country and other African states?
Kolsum: We have a procession (Juloos) every Ashura day and keep majalis at the mosque every 12 days and after that.
Shafaqna: Have you ever held any interfaith dialog over the issue of Ashura and Imam Husayn?
Kolsum: We always have interfaith programs in Ramadan where brothers open their fasts together and lectures are given.
Shafaqna: What influence has the message of Ashura on your personal and social life?
Kolsum: I personally have had a huge impact from the time I experienced Ashura in Kerbala and my life has changed ever since. I feel more connected towards Allah and the people around me and actually do have patience to endure the biggest of difficulties.
Shafaqna: How could the Imam Husayn (A.S) teachings and Culture of  Ashura help modern-day people?
Kolsum: It can help people keep connected to their religion and teaches the women through the struggles of Sayeda Zainab
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