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Ta’ziyeh ritual ceremony in Shia city of al-Qadih, Saudi Arabia+ Photos

SHAFAQNA- The Ta’ziyeh ritual ceremony of Ashura event is held every year by the Saudi Shias in a special atmosphere. The ceremony is held every year in a special order in the Shia city of al-Qadih.

The history of this ceremony in al-Qadih city dates back to 150 years ago. At this ceremony, the event of Karbala is read with the presence of thousands of local people.

The Board of Mourners of Qadih is responsible for holding this prayer ceremony and it is held every year in the Day of Ashura with a special atmosphere.

At the ceremony, the killing of Imam Husayn (A.S) and scenes of arresting women are simulated. In additions, the scenes of the killing of Abu al-Fazl al-Abbas (A.S), the burning of tents and other incidents of the event of Ashura, is read.

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