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India tightens Kashmir lockdown on Ashura

SHAFAQNAIndia has imposed tighter restrictions on Kashmir’s main city of Srinagar for Ashura, which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein.
Kashmir has been under a month-long  lockdown after New Delhi revoked the disputed region’s autonomy, with mobile phone networks and the internet still cut off in all but a few pockets press TV reported.
Kashmiri locals have alleged that police resorted to teargas shelling and pellet firing in Srinagar, resulting in injuries to over a dozen people.The alleys leading to the main road are manned by paramilitary and police personnel. Barricades have been placed at about every 500 meters, with coils of concertina wire spread across. At places, trucks of paramilitary troops and police are placed like a wall, barring not only the movement of the people but the sight on other side, news 18th reported.
The Jammu and Kashmir administration had earlier said no Muharram procession will be allowed and all rituals are to be performed in respective Imambaras or shrines, india today told.

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