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Hassan Rouhani, Emmanuel Macron, JCPOA

Iran believes talks with US under sanctions meaningless: Rouhani

SHAFAQNA – IRNA: President Hassan Rouhani said that the Iranian government, Majlis and people maintain that talks with the US are meaningless as long as the unilateral sanctions are in place.

He made the remarks in a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron late on Wednesday.

“We are ready to return to JCPOA if agreements with the EU are finalized and Iran’s meeting with the Group 5+1 is possible only when sanctions are lifted,” he said.

Referring to Iran’s third nuclear step to scale back commitments under the deal, Rouhani said that third step which is underway under IAEA’s supervision is reversible.

Solidity of JCPOA and security in international waterways, including Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman are two major objectives, he said, noting that they will benefit the globe, including the EU and even the US.

“The JCPOA was a great opportunity for all to invest in their growing economy,” he said, noting that it is necessary for the EU, especially France, to play their part in the deal in the best manner.

Macron, for his part, said that his country will keep up its efforts to help implement the JCPOA and rich an understanding.

He also explained his country’s upcoming plans to continue talks and rich a deal.

During the phone talks, the two presidents agreed to continue consultations.

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