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The longest handwritten Quran with the length of 1Km to be created by an Indian guinness record holder

SHAFAQNA- Iqna: M Dileef, who is the cartoonist and Guinness record holder in Kerala, India, has started his new Guinness mission which is creating the world’s longest handwritten of Holy Quran.

On Friday, School of Bhagavad Gita Trust chairman Swami Sandeepananda Giri inaugurated the exhibition of the handwritten Quran, of which 300 meters of the proposed 1,000m (1km) has been completed. The width of the canvas is the same as that of an A3 size paper.

Dileef said his effort was also to promote calligraphy. “Calligraphy is an art form which was derived from Quran but is often considered as an underrated art form. Calligraphy arts do not have a market or exposure in Kerala. Through this, I aim to highlight the beauty of calligraphy and at the same time share light on the humane aspects like science, arts, music to the public. There is a misunderstanding that Quran belongs to one community but if you go through Quran, you can understand that it actually tells us the importance of unity between humans,” said Dileef.

It took 10 hours of work daily for seven months for him to complete 300m of the canvas. He hopes to complete the work in three years.

“In today’s India, a swami being invited to inaugurate an exhibition of an attempt to create the longest Quran can only be witnessed in our state,” Sandeepananda Giri said.

Dileef is a previous Guinness record holder for creating the world’s largest badminton racket in 2017, which measures in at 18ft height and 6ft width. He also holds Limca & Indian Book of Records for largest caricature of Mahatma Gandhi which measures 3,333ft. Dileef also holds the records for world’s largest ridable bicycle and has also presented the longest pen ever made in Kerala in 2018. Santhi Samithi general convener Shaheer Maulavi presided over the ceremony.

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