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Thousands rally in New York City in show of solidarity with people of Kashmir

SHAFAQNAMembers of various religious, ethnic and civil movement groups staged a big march in New York to express their support for the people of Jammu and Kashmir whose autonomy was evoked by India in early August.

Over 10,000 people attended the rally that was held outside the United Nations last Friday right at the time when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was delivering his speech at the General Assembly. It had been organized by a coalition of groups “seeking an end to the Indian occupation”.

Muslims, Sikhs for Justice, Hope for Persecuted Christians, pro-Palestinian groups Within Our Lifetime and Palestinian Youth Movement, as well as the American civil rights movement Black Lives Matter were among others participating in Stand With Kashmir march.

The protesters and lawyers at the event announced they plan to use US federal law “Torture Victim Act” to sue Modi for human rights violations in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

Source: Aljazeera,

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