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The Grand Ayatollah Sistani’s important stance regarding the recent events in Iraq

SHAFAQNA – Hojjatul Islam Safi the representative of the Grand Ayatollah Sistani in Karbala has explained the views of the supreme Marja regarding the recent events in Iraq in Friday prayers sermon inside the holy shrine of Imam Hussain (AS). The text of today’s sermon in Karbala is as follows.

In the name of Allah (SWT) the most forgiving, the most compassionate

In recent days unacceptable and condemned violations against peaceful demonstrators, security forces and public and private properties have occurred in Baghdad and some provinces, very painful and heartbreaking instances similar to previous years happened which resulted in riots and bloody clashes with tens of victims, many wounded and with great deal of damages to governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The supreme Marja has always asked all different sides who have power in their control to change their approach for solving the problems of the country, act upon serious reforms, and fight against corruption, and avoid apportionment and favouritism. And warn those who block reforms and are hoping that demands for reforms decrease, to be aware that reforms are essential and unavoidable and if demands fade away for a time, they will return with more force and in more widespread manner.

Today the supreme Marja once again stresses on what has been requested before, and asks the three (governing) forces to adopt clear direct actions in the way of real reforms, and stresses that members of parliament with their power of legislation and supervision, are the most responsible in this regard; in a place that if the largest fraction which government belongs to, does not change its approach and does not answer to all the needs for reforms in true fashion, nothing will happen.

Also the judiciary and regulatory agencies have great responsibility combating corruption, prosecuting corrupt persons and retrieve nation’s wealth from them. Nevertheless whatever it was necessary to be done in the past, they have not done so, and if the situation remains the same there is no hope of preventing the spread of corruption in the country.

The government must also fulfill its duties and do whatever it can to reduce the pain and suffering of citizens by improving the public services, creating employment opportunities for those out of work, and avoid favourism in governmental appointments, as well as finalize the files of those accused of tampering and dominating public wealth as a start for administering justice to them.

In here we refer to the point that previously in 7th August 2015 the office of Marja in connection with all those responsible and in the height of public movement asking for reforms, suggested that “a committee to be made up of some known individuals in related matters from outside governing forces who are authorities in their fields and are known for their honesty and integrity. And this committee to be given the task for devising necessary actions to combat corruption and establishing reforms on the condition that the members are allowed to study carefully the situation and to meet and listen to demands of the representatives of demonstrators from different provinces. And when the committee completes its task and devises all its necessary actions whether it is about legislation or administration or judicial, it will try to put into action all these with the support from Marja and people if necessary in legal ways.” Nevertheless, this suggestion was not welcomed at that time, whilst using it now can be a suitable start to overcome the current calamity.

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