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With the beginning of the third month of clampdown in Kashmir, experts believe more international efforts are needed to make peace a reality in the region+ Video

SHAFAQNA- Press TV: Two months has passed from the time that India scrapped the special status from its part of Kashmir and put the Muslim-majority region under direct control of federal rule, and still normalcy is a distant dream for the People of Kashmir.

Reluctant to accept what Kashmiri people call India’s unilateral decision, Kashmir has come to a complete halt since August. People have shunned businesses, shops and educational institutions in protest to India’s move; while India has imposed toughest-ever security clampdown, arrested thousands and scuttled communications to thwart any possible protests against the decision.

Despite facing global criticism over Kashmir situation, in the past two months India has failed to reach out to the people of the region. Analysts say India’s move has further disillusioned Kashmiri people, especially the youth.

Despite India’s efforts to restore normalcy in Kashmir, the region remains tense as people are reluctant to accept India’s move to put the region under its New Delhi’s direct control.

In the absence of international assistance, many fear Kashmir might once again become a hotbed of resistance movements, paving the way for an altercation between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan. Experts say more international efforts are needed to make peace a reality and avert more turbulent times for the region.

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