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Number of Kuwaiti Arbaeen pilgrims increased, despite Foreign Ministry warnings

SHAFAQNA- Despite Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned its citizens to exercise caution and not travel to Iraq in the current situation, Kuwaiti citizens’ plans to organize pilgrimage to Najaf and Karbala on the eve of Arbaeen continues, whether by air or ground and especially by walking.

According to Al-Rai daily, Qassim al-Najadeh, who is in charge of the al-Kawthar pilgrimage caravan, emphasized that Kuwaiti pilgrims are not affected by tensions and unrest in Baghdad and the number of pilgrims who registered in this caravan exceeds from 300, which is the average number of pilgrims per year.

“People we call in Najaf and Karbala stress that the situation in those cities is quite calm,” Najadeh says. He emphasizes that the number of pilgrims in all caravans has not been affected by the protests in Baghdad. There are also young people who have reached there and started their rituals without any problems.

Seven plane with 1040 seats from Al Jazeera Airlines are fully booked for Kuwait pilgrims to the holy shrines in Najaf and Karbala on the occasion of Arbaeen.

This news is originally published by Al-Rai Media and Shafaqna Persian and is translated by Shafaqna English. 

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