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How can justice be established in Islamic societies?

SHAFAQNA – Sudeh Hamdani the daughter of Ammareh narrated: One year Imam Ali (AS) sent a person to our tribe which is part of Yemeni people residing near Kufah to collect Zakat. This person was unjust to us and I complained to Imam Ali (AS) about it. I saw Imam (AS) getting ready to perform Salaat in the Mosque and when he noticed me and realized that an oppressed one has come to see him, asked me kindly to come forward and asked: Do you have a request? I replied: Yes, this man whom you sent to us has been unjust to us and I want to complain about him. Sudah added: As soon as Imam Ali (AS) heard my complaint, cried, and then raised his hands towards the sky and said: O’ Allah (SWT), as a witness, You are aware that I have not ordered these officials to oppress God’s servants and deviate from the right path.

Then brought out a piece of skin from his pocket and wrote this Ayah on it: In the name of Allah (SWT), the most kind, the most compassionate: “Clear sign has come to you from your God. Give full measure and weight and do not undervalue people’s goods; do not cause corruption in the land after it has been set in order; this is better for you, if you are believers [1].” And below this Ayah, Imam (AS) wrote: When you receive my letter, look after public wealth until I send another person in your place in order to take delivery of them from you. Sudeh added: With this open letter which Imam (AS) gave me, that official was dismissed [2].

[1] Ayah 85, Surah Al-A’araaf

[2] Al-Eqdul Fareed, Vol. 1, Page 119.

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