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Why is self-reflection important?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated that when Imam Askari (AS) was asked: What is the purpose of our creation? Imam (AS) replied: For knowledge and worshipping (God) [1]. According to Islamic teachings, the accomplishment of the human being is knowledge and knowing God as well as worshipping God, piety, sincerity and concepts similar to these are the most important for reaching the status of awareness (cognition). Other concepts such as, salvation, heaven, closeness to God is the results of knowledge and all these accomplishments are due to Divine Mercy. Of course knowledge and awareness have different levels with the highest level being certainty in awareness. Without doubt this level of awareness has many excellent effects.

[1] Pishway Yaazdahom, Page 36, narrated from Ihqaqul Haqq, Vol. 12, Page 473.

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