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123 dead, more than 100 wounded in Pakistan oil tanker fire


At least 123 people have died and scores more were injured in a fire that broke out after an oil tanker flipped over in central Pakistan early Sunday, an official said.

“At least 123 people have been killed and more than 100 wounded in a fire which erupted after an oil tanker turned over and victims rushed to collect spilt fuel,” senior local government official Rana Mohammad Saleem Afzal told state television.

There was no immediate confirmation from officials on the cause of the accident or the fire after the tragic incident occurred early Sunday near the town of Ahmedpur East, some 670 kilometers (416 miles) south of the capital Islamabad, AFP reported.

The Pakistani military said it was sending army helicopters to evacuate the wounded, with hospitals placed on high alert.

Pakistan has an appalling record of fatal traffic accidents due to poor roads, badly maintained vehicles and reckless driving.

At least 62 people including women and children were killed in southern Pakistan in 2015 when their bus collided with an oil tanker, starting a fierce blaze that left victims burnt beyond recognition.

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