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Shia activist dies in Dhahban prison in south Saudi Arabia

SHAFAQNA- An imprisoned Shia activist lost his life in Dhahban prison in south Saudi Arabia.

Informed sources, requesting anonymity, told London-based and Arabic-language Nabaa television news network that Hussein Ali Abdulaziz Al Ribh died in Dhahban Central Prison near the Red Sea port city of Jeddah on Wednesday evening.

“Saudi Monarchy kills another Shia Arab protest activist by torture. He died of years of torture”, Ali Al Ahmed , an expert on Saudi political affairs including terrorism, Islamic movements, wrote in a post on its official Twitter page.

“UK govt which provides Saudis with prison help is partly blamed for his death”, he added.

The 38-year-old man, a resident of al-Awamiyah town in the al-Qatif region of Eastern Province, is survived a wife and two sons, named Fares and Ridha.

Early on August 16, 2017, dozens of heavily armed Saudi regime agents, on board military vehicles, raided Al Ribh’s family home, and destroyed the door of the house with explosives.

They reportedly took the family members to a corner of the house at gunpoint, and then took away Al Ribh without an arrest warrant and providing any justifications, press tv reported.

Over the past years, Riyadh has also redefined its anti-terrorism laws to target activism.

The Prisoners of Conscience, an independent non-governmental organization advocating human rights in Saudi Arabia, announced in a post on its official Twitter page on 13 November that Sheikh Fahad al-Qadi had lost his life in jail as a result of deliberate medical negligence.

The post added that Sheikh Qadi was transferred to hospital just hours before his death despite the fact that he was in dire need of medication following deterioration in his health condition more than a week ago.

On October 24, the Prisoners of Conscience reported that the prominent Saudi cleric had been sentenced to six years in prison on charges of “sending a secret letter of advice” to the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia back in 2016. The cleric was being kept in detention after he posted the letter , Rasanews told.

In January 2016, Saudi authorities executed Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, who was an outspoken critic of the Riyadh regime. Nimr had been arrested in Qatif, Eastern Province, in 2012.

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