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The main point of Ayahs 15-21 of Surah Saba

SHAFAQNA – The story of the tribe of Saba is told in a Surah with the same name in the holy Quran. The people of Saba were an old tribe of Arab nation, and they lived in Yemen. About their lives, economic and social situation, the Quran said: For the tribe of Saba in their land (Yemen) in their town of Saba and other towns around with full of blessings, existed villages near each other, with two rows of gardens and orchards in south and north, with small distance between them where travelling between them was easily and safely done. Allah (SWT) told them: Eat from God’s sustenance and give thanks, as you have beautiful town as well as a God who is kind and forgiving. But they were ungrateful and rebellious and wronged themselves. And their punishment was not anything but a consequence of their actions. Allah (SWT) sent the flood of Arem for their destruction and instead of those two blissful gardens; another two gardens were given to them where the fruits of their trees were bitter and also some cedar trees. “In this way God punished them for their ingratitude; would God punish anyone but the ungrateful.”

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