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The Grand Ayatollah Sistani’s very important stances and warnings about recent events in Iraq

SHAFAQNA The Grand Ayatollah Sistani, the Supreme Religious Authority issued important stances today (November 29th, 2019) on recent events and protests in Iraq, especially about yesterday’s events in Dhi Qar and Najaf.

The full text of the statement which was recited by Hojjat-ul-Islam Karbalaei in today’s Friday sermons in Karbala, is as follows:

In the name of God, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful

With deep sorrow and sadness, the supreme religious authority follows the news of recent clashes in a number of Iraq cities particularly in Nasiriyah and Najaf Ashraf, and the bloodshed of many in the incidents and the destruction and burning of many of public properties in those cities.

In this way, the religious authority, while sympathizing with the families of the martyrs and praying for their patience and urgent healing for the wounded, reaffirms the prohibition of attacking the peaceful demonstrators and banning them from exercising their rights of demanding reforms. He also emphasizes on safeguarding the public and private properties in order to stay away from attacks by intruders and their rallies, and addressing Iraqi demonstrators; stresses that peaceful demonstrators must separate themselves from non-peaceful demonstrators and on the matter of the saboteurs, they should not allow them to exploit peaceful demonstrations to harm the properties of the citizens and to attack their owners.

Considering the difficult circumstances the country is going through, and the apparent inability of the responsible factions to deal with the recent developments such as protecting rights and preventing bloodshed over the last two months, the House of Representatives from which the current government originates, is required to revise its options along with the interests of Iraq and protect the blood of Iraqi people and prevent the country from resorting to violence and chaos.

The House of Representatives is also urged to speed up the adoption of nationally-endorsed electoral laws to setup and conduct free and transparent elections, the results of which reflect the will of the Iraqi people. Because the delay in doing so, is a good gateway from transition of the current crisis into a peaceful and civilized way under the constitution, and this will exert heavy cost to the country and will discourage everyone.

The enemies and their tools are there to achieve their malicious goals such as spreading chaos, destroying and dragging the country into internal conflict and returning it to a dictatorship, so everyone must cooperate with each other to seize this opportunity from the enemies.

The religious authority will remain the supporter of the Iraqi people and will only give advice and recommendation on what he sees as the  interest of the Iraqi nation; and it will remain for the Iraqi people to choose what they consider as suitable for their present and future without anybody’s guardianship and supervision.