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Iraqi Prime Minister resigns

SHAFAQNA – Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi announced yesterday (Friday) that he would submit an official letter to the House of Representatives requesting his resignation from the current cabinet.

According to Alforat News agency, Adel Abdul Mahdi’s statement reads:

“O my father, do as you are commanded. You will find me, if Allah (SWT) wills, of the steadfast.”

I eagerly listened to today’s sermon by the Supreme Religious Authority in which he reminded that in the difficult circumstances of the country and considering the apparent inability of the factions responsible for dealing with the events of the last two months, in order to protect rights and prevent bloodshed, the House of Representatives from which the current government originated, is invited to rethink about its options, acting along with the interests of Iraq, preserving the blood of its people, and preventing the country from being dragged into violence and chaos.
In response to this invitation and in order to facilitate and expedite its implementation, I will submit an official letter of resignation to the current House of Representatives as soon as possible to allow the House to review its options, noting that everyone knows very well that in the past I had considered this option obviously, in official notes, for the interests of the Iraqi people and the country.

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