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MCB: Parties must tackle Islamophobia to win Muslims’ votes

SHAFAQNA- Candidates and parties campaigning in the general election must commit to tackling racism and Islamophobia to win the support of Muslim voters, according to the Muslim Council of Britain.

A manifesto setting out how parties’ policies could affect Muslims has been published by the MCB after consulting its affiliates and communities across the UK, according to theguardian.

According to the document “British Muslim Perspectives at the 2019 General Election” there are 26 constituencies with a Muslim population of at least 20% of the total, and two – Birmingham Hodge Hill and Bradford West – with estimated Muslim electorates of over 50%.

Last week Boris Johnson apologised for incidents of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party. He described Islamophobia as “intolerable” after his party faced fresh calls to deal with allegations of hatred against Muslims, told.

Johnson’s comments on Friday came as his ruling Conservative Party faces accusations of alleged Islamophobia in the run-up to an election on December 12.

But he refused to offer an outright apology for Islamophobic comments he made in 2018, saying remark from 2018 should be read in context.

Johnson, who has been reported for previous comments about Muslims, had written in the aftermath of 2005 London bombings that Islamophobia a “natural reaction” to Islam and that “Islam is the problem”, businessinsider mentioned.

Boris Johnson was last year reported to the Equalities Commission after he compared Muslim women who wear burqas to “letter boxes” and bank robbers.

In the week after that column, Tell MAMA, a UK hate crime monitor said Islamophobic incidents rose by 375 percent, aljazeera reported.

Former Conservative co-chair Baroness Warsi told Business Insider last year that Islamophobia goes “right up to the top” of the Conservative party.

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