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The Birth anniversary of Hazrat Abdul Azim Hassani (AS) celebrated by many pilgrims + Photos

SHAFAQNA- Iqna: On the occasion of Hazrat Abdol Azim Hassani’s (AS) birthday, many pilgrims have been visiting the holy shrine of the great religious figure over the past days.

The 4th day of the month of Rabi al-Thani in the lunar Hijri calendar, which falls on December 1 this year, marks the birthday of the great religious figure.

Abdul Azim Hassani (AS), also known as Shah Abdol Azim, was a fifth generation descendant of Imam Hassan ibn Ali (AS) and a companion of Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS).

His holy shrine in Rey, south of the Iranian capital of Tehran, is a pilgrimage site that attracts millions of pilgrims from across Iran and other parts of the world every year.

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Photos: Shah Abdol-Azim (AS) shrine’s cleansing ceremony

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