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Korean university students visited Shia center (Kicea) in Korea

SHAFAQNA – Korean university students visited Shia center(Kicea) in Korea.

The following text is a summary of speech by Head of the Shia Center(Kicea) in Korea:
God created the human and chose human for his succession on earth and continually gives good things to us. He gave human the wisdom and decision power for growth and maturity in truth and made everything for him. He sent the prophets, by their books Torah, Bible and Quran to teach human and then 12 Imams while they make no mistake. They guide people to the right way and show them how to  improve the quality of life.
Islam is the religion of science and thought. We should think about what makes humans unique and different from other animals? What is the purpose of our life? Is human responsible for behavior’s? How about judgment? Allah (SWT) creates everything such as animals, trees, plants, the earth and the sky for the human beings.

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