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How did the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) treat non-Muslims who opposed him?

SHAFAQNA – In the centre of the Islamic government in Medina with the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) on the helm, one day a Jewish man stopped the Prophet (PBUH) on his way to the Mosque and claimed that the Prophet PBUH) owed him some money and he must pay there and then. The Prophet (PBUH) told the Jewish man: First of all, I do not owe you anything, and secondly let me go home because I have no money with me.

The Jewish man said: I will not allow you to take one step. As the prophet (PBUH) showed more leniency towards him, but the Jewish man increased his violence to the point that he wrapped Prophet’s (PBUH) gown round his neck and pulled until the redness was visible around the Prophet’s (PBUH) neck. On the other hand, people were waiting in the Mosque for the Prophet (PBUH) to arrive for Salaat, and when they could not see him, they came out of the Mosque and noticed that the Jewish man is preventing the Prophet (PBUH) to move.

The Muslims wanted to attack that man and release the Prophet (PBUH), but they were prevented by the Prophet (PBUH), and he told them, leave that man to me, I know how to handle him. The merciful and tolerant behaviour of the Prophet (PBUH) caused the Jewish man to say: I pronounce Shahadatayn, and converted to Islam; this forbearance is not from an ordinary person and it is not usual, rather it shows that you have been appointed by God [1].

[1] Sireye Nabavi, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), Page 139.

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