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Iran calls for global community to combat violence and extremism

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Iran’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN has stressed the urgent, concerted and decisive need for international community to combat violence and extremism.

Speaking at the UN General Assembly session on Monday, Hossein Dehghani referred to the current state in the Middle East and the rise in terrorist attacks, and stressed the significance of two resolutions on peace and dialogue which were adopted at this meeting.

While recalling the suffering of Iraqi and Syrian people, Dehghani expressed hope that the ideals set forth in these resolutions would reduce the supports by some countries and political movements for terrorist groups.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran attaches great importance to any endeavor to promote peace, tolerance, dialogue and understanding among different cultures, religions and civilizations,” he said.

Dehghani also referred to the first international conference on World against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) which took place in Tehran last week, Dec. 09-10, with the presence of Iran’s president and officials from 40 countries, and announced that the conference final statement will be soon submitted to the United Nations.

“In today’s world, evil forces cannot be confined to a specific area,” he added. “Violence and extremism and the culture which feeds these phenomena are contagious like fatal diseases such as Ebola and influenza, and affect the whole span of earth like greenhouse gases,” he asserted.

Iran’s envoy to the UN maintained that now that the challenges to peace have taken on a global scale, any countermeasure must be on a global level as well.

“The violent extremists who think they are the only ones entitled to live, are mentally at war with the concept of peace. No religion has ever taught its followers that the right to live only belongs to them. Killing the innocent in the name of religion is a shameless distortion of religion,” said Dehghani at the end of his speech.



Source: Mehrnews

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