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Iraqi Army’s WIA meet the Grand Ayatollah Sistani + Video

SHAFAQNA- A group of Iraqi Army’s wounded in action (WIA) met the Grand Ayatollah Sistani.

The Head of Iraqi WIA Association, Maqdam Rahim, in a televised interview revealed that he, along with seven other wounded of the country’s army, visited the Grand Ayatollah Sistani a few months ago on the occasion of the second anniversary of victory over the ISIS terrorist group.

An informed source also said “The meeting with the Grand Ayatollah Sistani was not pre-arranged and rather, it happened spontaneously, and the Grand Ayatollah Sistani immediately agreed the visit that would show the supreme religious authority’s respect for the Iraqi military establishment and the champions of the Iraqi army and appreciate their sacrifices”.

Shafaqna News Agency releases photos and videos of this meeting that was taken with the cellphone of a staff member at the Grand Ayatollah’s office for the first time.

Maqdam Rahim, the Head of the Iraqi Army’s WIA Association, on a special television program marking the second anniversary of Iraq’s victory over ISIS terrorist group said he had met the Grand Ayatollah Sistani with seven other wounded soldiers nearly seven months ago and he called the visit as a divine visit.

Rahim, who was in the program with another Iraqi Army’s wounded, told the program’s host about the aforesaid meeting “It was 11:30 and the time for meeting Ayatollah had been ended; When we visited the holy shrine of Imam Ali (A.S), this person beside you (another wounded) insisted me to tell them to send us to the Grand Ayatollah Sistani’s house; I told him the time is over and he is a Religious Authority”.
“Sobhanallah, I saw a person standing next to Ayatollah Sistani’s house, I told him we are wounded and could not try (to enter the house); he told me that the appointment time is over; I requested him to ask inside perhaps the arrangement was met; he said give me your papers and we gave him the papers, they called and said let them in,” he added.
The Head of the Iraqi Army WIA Association said in the meeting four people sat on each side of Ayatollah, and added “As the Grand Ayatollah Sistani spoke, he spoke as if he said what we had in our mind when he said you martyrs and wounded of the Iraq’s army are oppressed and I know this; he said that I pray day and night for you and Hashd al-Sha’abi and the Iraqi nation.
Rahim also stated “The Grand Ayatollah Sistani did not know any of us, however, he addressed a media official in his house and said ‘Take a photo of me and these heroes’, and then told one of us ‘Come here, Muhammad’. I wondered how did he know that this person’s name was Muhammad?”

The Iraqi militant said that at that moment they were really surprised, and emphasized that all those present at the meeting (from Ayatollah Sistani’s house) also said Salawat (praise and greetings to God, Mohammad and his descendants) because, according to him, this was the first time that the Grand Ayatollah Sistani had been standing and said come and take pictures of me and these injured people.

In the following, Rahim confirmed the program’s host that said Ayatollah Sistani had personally requested to take photos together with the wounded of the Iraqi army, and the same thing has happened.
The Head of the Iraqi Army’s WIA Association continued to emphasize that the Supreme Religious Authority in this half an hour meeting, had spoken about the status of his country that he could not say anything about it, however, in response to the presenter’s insistence to quote the talk of Grand Ayatollah Sistani in order to benefit it, quoted from the Religious Authority that Iraqi politicians should grant the rights of the nation, and if they do so, he will accept any visit they may wish to make.

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