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Lebanese Christian Leader: Lebanon needs a new method of governance

SHAFAQNALebanon’s Maronite Christian leader Basharah Petros al-Raei, on Sunday criticized the traditional way of tribalism in the country, saying “In the modern age, Lebanon needs a new method of political governance”.

Speaking at “Saint Mary” church in east Beirut, he said political divisions and rationing and tribalism ruling have divided Lebanon and created a wrong destiny for this country, leading the nation to starvation and poverty.

“The new method of political governance, which is established in many countries around the world, is professional and redemptive. In this method, the functioning of the rulers and officials is transparent and they are accountable to the Parliament and the nation”, Al-Raei added.

“We need to enter a modern era and from a political rationing government, we have to reach the rationale of a citizen-centered government that all nation have equal rights in it and also in the law,” he emphasized, referring to the point that a new political rule brings national unity and public benefit.

He called for the prompt formation of a government independent from parties and clans, expressing his hope that the government would be formed from a group of coordinated, expert and honest people, that would resolve the economic crisis and activity under the supervision of Parliament.

In the coming days, a new Lebanese government’ cabinet supposed to be formed, chaired by Hassan Diab, with 18 ministers, including 9 Muslim and 9 Christian ministers.

This text is originally published by Shafaqna Persian and translated by Shafaqna English

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