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Iran’s Supreme Leader orders investigation into “possible negligence” in air disaster

SHAFAQNA- Following Armed Forces’ General Staff regarding Ukrainian passenger plane crash, Iran’s Supreme Leader on Saturday ordered an investigation into the likely negligence or faulty performance in the air disaster case.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces forwarded the directive to General Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.

The Supreme Leader instructed the General Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces to take necessary measures to probe the incident and make sure such events will not be repeated.

Sympathizing with the bereaved families of the air disaster, Ayatollah Khamenei said that he got to know that investigation by General Staff of the Armed Forces indicated that there was human error in the plane crash, adding that he felt the sorrow heavier than before about the air disaster.

Praying to God to bestow patience upon the bereaved families, he emphasized that the General Staff of the Armed Forces should fully pursue the probable negligence and wrongdoing.

He also ordered relevant officials to take the necessary measures to prevent repetition of such incidents.

After the US increased tension in the Middle East by assassinating Iran’s Lieutenant-General Qasem Soeimani, the country made a reaction and hit US air base in Iraq with missiles.

Iran’s military had been put on alert to counter any US adventurism. But accidently, a Ukrainian Boeing 373 was shot shown near Tehran minutes after takeoff.

Iranian officials have admitted that human error was responsible for downing the passenger plane and expressed regret and apologized for the tragedy.

Source: IRNA

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