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Faisalabad riots: Is Pakistan at the brink of civil war? Shafaqna Exclusiv

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Agency) – One dead and several injured in a scuffle between PTI and PML-N workers in PTI rally at Faisalabad. Law enforcement agencies were watching the entire drama but they did not intervene? Is government incapable to handle such political rallies they willingly unleashed its workers to harass PTI participants?? Whatever the case may be, it seems government is digging up into its heels. Imran Khan is not Tahir ul Qadri who will strike a deal with Government over fourteen murders in Model town Lahore. Government might have thought that it may harass PTI workers to stop them for future adventures but it has committed a grave mistake.

PAT might have a enjoyed a big public support but definitely it was not a political force like PTI. PTI is a political force and it enjoys a wide range of popular support from young proportion of this country and if it takes stand against cold blooded murder in Faisalabad rally PML-N will certainly be in a fix and in order to get rid of this trap PML-N may sacrifice Rana Sanaullah, who apparently seems mastermind behind these riots.


Was it a plan D

In the beginning of the second assault on the Government PTI chairman Imran Khan talked about plan C and Plan D. He just revealed what was his plan C but he did not discuss what was his plan D. As it had been hinted earlier that Khan had a plan to create anarchy by sacrificing few workers, this might have been his plan D and in current situation it seems that Khan has succeeded in creating a widespread anarchy in the country. From Previous day clashes it seems that entire country has turned into a battle ground.

If canvas of protests against the cold blooded murder of a PTI workers spreads across the county, Military interventions becomes inevitable and if military does not intervene and remains at bay, this could engulf the entire country and a civil war could broke out.

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