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France: Clash between police and Yellow Vests for 62nd consecutive weekend

SHAFAQNA- RT: In the clash between police and Yellow Vests who have gained new momentum fueled by a nationwide strike against pension reform, on Saturday, at least 59 people have been arrested in Paris.

Thousands of anti-government protesters flooded the streets of the French capital Paris on Saturday, chanting slogans to berate the sweeping social security system reforms initiated by the pro-business government of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The march led by Yellow Vest protesters in downtown Paris was marred by violence, and saw police using batons and tear gas on activists, who hurled objects in return.

Videos posted on social media show officers in full riot gear beating protesters as they lay on the ground. The footage prompted activists to accuse police of using disproportionate force to quell the unrest.

Police said they had made 59 arrests as of 8pm local time, noting that officers had to “systematically intervene” to stop “abuses committed by violent groups.”

Yellow Vests have been taking to the France’s streets every weekend since November 2018. While at one point the demonstrators saw their numbers dwindling, an ongoing nationwide strike against pension reforms which kicked off in December has reinvigorated the protest movement.

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