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Kremlin skeptical about corruption perceptions ratings — Kremlin administration chief

SHAFAQNA- The Kremlin is skeptical about ratings of corruption perception, chief of the Kremlin administration Sergey Ivanov said on Monday, commenting on a recent Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index that placed Russia among underdeveloped countries.

“I am skeptical, if not extremely skeptical, about such ratings that can be simply invented,” he said. “Transparency International’s rating is not a rating of corruption, it never even sets such a goal, it only analyzes perception of corruption by some experts no one knows.”

At the same time, Ivanov said the Kremlin “is very attentive to serious sociological agencies, including foreign ones.” Thus, as an example he cited such an “authoritative rating” as Doing Business. Moreover, “a much more authoritative agency,” such as Ernst & Young, in his words, said that corruptions risks in Russia had considerably decreased to be below the world’s average. This study embraced 1,500 top managers, both global and Russian.


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