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Analysis: Why Pak- India cannot resume Peace talks: Shafaqna Exclusive


The hostile neighbors are once again on square to one despite numerous diplomatic tracks. Compared to past, this time Mian Government seems helpless to maintain cordial ties with India. During the 2ndtenure of PM Nawaz Sharif, He enjoyed cordial ties with Indar Kumar Gujral but despite lots of efforts this time both the countries on warpath. It is usually thought that PML-N and BJP enjoy cordial ties but this time situation seems quite contrary. Two major factors define the entire situation for the strenuous ties between both the countries.

Since Modi is a hardcore conservative Hindu, who enjoys a widespread support of Hindu extremist organization like Shiv Sena, RSS and VHP and even in some areas Modi’s government is in coalition with Shivsena. Support of fanatic Hindu organization made Modi to win the post of Prime Minister. Since these organization always chanted the slogan of “ Akhand Bharat” and always held Pakistan responsible for terrorism in India, thus it hold Modi back to sit on dialogue seat with Pakistan. Definitely Narendra Modi does not want to lose his support from hardcore Hindutva groups.

Second Major factor is border skirmishes, army on both sides does not want cordial ties between both the countries which not only lessen their importance but also a large chunk of budget in the name of the defence country may slash.

Terrorist elements are well aware of the soft corner of Mian brothers towards India, Wahga border attack on Pakistan side and latest attack on Indian army in IHK makes it clear that terrorist outfits want both the countries in hostile mode.

Keeping in view all these factors it is seems impossible in presence of hardcore Modi government and army’s approach.

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