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UK: Majalis Al-Fatimiyya 2020 at Muhammadi Trust

SHAFAQNA- The Ahl al-Bayt Islamic Mission (AIM) will hold 5-night Majalis al-Fatimiyya in commemoration of daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Lady Fatima Al-Zahra (S.A) at Muhammadi Trust, London, UK.

The Majlis will go on for 5 nights starting from this Wednesday 29th January until Sunday 2nd February 2020, 8pm-10pm at Muhammadi Trust.

The program will feature a nightly lecture by Shaykh Afzal Merali. The program also has Masa’ib recited by Haj Mohamed Baqir Alesia and Latmiyyat by Shaykh Hussain Al-Akraf & Noureddine Al Kathemy.


Special Messages to the Community by the Ulama will be also delivered every night before the Majlis.

Speakers include Sheikh Hassan Al-Turaiki from Dar Al Islam on Wednesday, Seyyed Saeed Al-Khalkhali from Imam Ali Foundation on Thursday, Seyyed Hashim Moosavi from Islamic Centre of England and Seyyed Taqi Razvi from Islamic College on Friday.

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