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Shia Cleric Arrested at Bahrain Airport

SHAFAQNA- The al-Khalifa regime security forces detained Sheikh Jassim al-Haddad, a Shia preacher and orator, from Bahrain airport and transported him to an unknown destination.

According to Iqna reported from Manama Post, Al-Khalifa regime security forces to continue the Bahraini government’s anti-Shia and repressive policies to silence pro-freedom fighters, arrested Sheikh Jassim Al-Haddad, the Shia cleric and preacher at Manama airport site and then took him to an unknown location.

Also, Mullah Abdul Zahra al-Samahichi, another Bahraini Shia preacher, who was arrested by the repressive Al Khalifa regime for delivering religious speech, will stay in autocratic Bahrain’s prison for another 15 days to be investigated.
Bahraini forces continue their security activities against Shia clerics, preachers and religious scholars who have religious backgrounds, as a part of official Bahraini authorities’ plans to restrict religious freedom in the country. But their activities are facing with fierce popular protests called the “14th February Revolution” and intense criticism of international Human rights organizations.

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