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UK: A Muslim-Friendly Online Travel Agency Enters Global Market

SHAFAQNA- enters the Muslim travel market with a new website and a global service range.

Globerry Ltd announced the launch of its online travel agency,, serving to Muslim travellers worldwide by offering instant booking for many travel services including halal-friendly hotels, resorts, villas, tours, activities, and airport transfer. The London-based online travel agency was founded in March 2019 by a team of ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs to make travel accessible to all Muslim travellers worldwide.

Research clearly demonstrates that the Muslim travel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the travel industry. It is expected that the spending of Muslim travellers will rise to USD220 billion by 2020 and USD300 billion by 2026.  The standards of the industry are being established and the demand for the travel-related services such as hotels, tours and airport transfer are growing steadily.

The possibility to inspire Muslims to travel globally without barriers and the absence of a digital platform with tailor-made services complying with rules and expectations of the Muslim travel industry encouraged to launch a new online platform. The vision of also extends toward establishing a community of Muslim travellers allowing each and every Muslim to explore the world, according to miscw.

Currently, more than 1000 properties in 25 countries are offered through its online booking platform. It is also the only booking engine addressing all travel needs of halal travellers on a single platform globally. “The absence of a global digital platform addressing the unique needs of Muslim travellers motivated us to launch We partner with many global and local travel suppliers to address this need globally,” says Veysel Gokbel, Co-Founder of, PR told. HalalTravels is the only player in the halal travel market which also focuses on assisting Muslim travellers in planning their trips with free itineraries and custom advice from the team of experts. It is important to mention that all this experience is totally digital, Salaamgateway reported.

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