Date :Thursday, March 12th, 2020 | Time : 15:25 |ID: 137481 | Print

Physician says US embassy has role in coronavirus outbreak in Iraqi Kurdistan

SHAFAQNA- Mehr News Agency: Releasing a video of himself on social media on Monday, a physician from West Erbil Emergency Hospital said US embassy in Iraq has role in coronavirus outbreak in northern parts of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.

According to Dr. al-Hadidi, whose video has become viral among Iraqis in the past hours, the US embassy imported a cargo of caps to be distributed among Iraqi youths, which was contaminated by coronavirus.

As he elaborated, he found out about Americans’ role in virus outbreak, when one of his coronavirus patients in West Erbil hospital and some of his companions spoke of presents, i.e. caps, they had received from US consulate in the city.

After conducting experiments in laboratory on the said caps, sample of developed coronavirus were discovered in them, the Iraqi doctor said.

The US embassy has provided no respond to the made claim, yet.

Of the total 65 coronavirus patients in Iraq, six have died by the present time.

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