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What is the reward of feeding the hungry according to the holy Quran?

SHAFAQNA – In Ayahs 12 to 14 of Surah Al-Balad, Allah (SWT) said: “What will explain to you what the steep path (the passage) is? It is to free a slave; to feed at the time of hunger.” Therefore, to be saved from difficulties of crossing the passage (as mentioned in Ayah 12), one must be prepared in this world; and the best way is to feed the hungry; because this act is popular with God, and Allah (SWT) likes the doer of a good deed, and elevates the status of the one who carries out the good deed. This is well explained in Ayah 10 of Surah Al-Fatir: “If anyone desires power, all power belongs to God; good words rise up to God, and God lifts up the righteous deed, but a severe torment awaits those who plot evil and their plotting will come to nothing.” Of course when feeding others, it is better that more people are present, as it is narrated from the Prophet of Islam who said: The best of foods with God is when a large group is present [1].

[1] Nahul Fasaha, Page 169, Hadith 82.

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