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Americans join campaign against US sanctions on Iran

SHAFAQNA- IRNA: American people have launched a campaign against the US sanctions on Iran urging the US Department of Treasury to lift sanctions at the condition that Iran is grappling with the coronavirus, and to lift sanctions when Iran has been subject to critical humanitarian situation with alarming death tolls caused by coronavirus pandemic.

The campaign entitled “80 hrs of calls for 80 million lives” has set 80 hours in the name of 80 million Iranian people during which the American citizens can call Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to demand that they lift sanctions on Iran. The initiators of the campaign issued a statement which said if the US sanctions are not lifted, Iran will face human tragedy.

In the same week that China and the UK called on the US to lift sanctions on Iran due to concerns about the outbreak of the coronavirus, the US President imposed new sanctions on the country, the statement said. The campaigners stress that the US should lift sanctions for at least 120 days or Iran will face a disastrous tragedy.

Some Twitter users mentioned US Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and some Congresspersons with the Hashtag #ENDCOVIDSANCTIONS. “Economic war has endangered the lives of 80 million Iranians. An Iranian dies due to COVID-19 every 10 minutes. End this terrorism. Save the lives.”

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