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7 killed, 16 injured at bomb attack near Iraq capital

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- A car bomb blast at an outdoor market near the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad has left seven people dead, authorities say.

Police officials said the deadly explosion occurred on Sunday at the busy market in the town of Youssifiyah, located 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Baghdad.

The bomb attack also injured 16 people in the Iraqi capital.

No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing so far. However, Iraqi officials blame the recent spike in such terrorist attacks on the Takfiri ISIL militants.

The ISIL launched an offensive in June and took control of Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, before sweeping through much of the country’s Sunni Arab heartland.

The extremist group has threatened all communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Kurds and Christians during its advances in the Arab state.

New figures released by the United Nations show that violence in Iraq claimed at least 1,273 lives in October alone.

The UN casualty figures are lower than the death toll reported by the Iraqi government. Baghdad says more than 1,700 civilians and security forces were killed in October and over 2,300 others wounded.





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