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Nigerian Christian and Muslim communities unite to combat COVID-19

SHAFAQNA- The Christian and Muslim communities in Nigeria are collaborating to respond and combat the growing coronavirus pandemic in the country in what has been described as a show of love and unity. The relationship between the two religious groups and their adherents in the country has been marred with tension and violence but the leaders are putting their differences aside to unite for a common cause.

The reported cases of the virus in Nigeria stands at 343 with 10 deaths and 91 recoveries on April 13 according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, or NCDC, which gives hourly updates on the pandemic in the country. This is set to increase with the NCDC saying that it is still tracking 6,000 who have had contact with 111 infected persons, according to Information Nigeria.

“This is a show of love, unity and believe in one true God,” Fr. Peter Ani, a priest at one of the dioceses in Southeast Nigeria, said. “In times of crisis, we need to put everything that divides us aside and come together to achieve a common goal, and I am happy that is what is presently happening.”

The leaders of the Catholic Church in Nigeria have taken several measures and actions. They have suspended Masses, Easter activities and other gatherings in the Lagos Archdiocese, the Abuja Diocese and many other dioceses in the country, as a way of responding proactively to the pandemic. Masses are presently streamed live on social media, radio and online television channels.

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