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Gulf Air to repatriate stranded Bahraini pilgrims from Iran

SHAFAQNA- Mehr News Agency: Bahrain’s Gulf Air has made its first flight to Iran on April 14 to repatriate Bahrainis stranded in the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Bahraini Gulf Airlines made a statement on Monday, announcing that it will continue to make flights to Iran to return home Bahraini nationals who had been stranded due to cancelation of flights as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 outbreak.

This is the first direct flight between the two countries, whose relations have been tense for nearly 4 years.

Bahrain’s authorities have suspended the flights of the stranded Bahraini pilgrims in Iran after the outbreak of COVID-19 in multiple Iranian cities.

Travel agencies were informed by official bodies the next flight which was supposed to bring the second batch of the pilgrims was delayed.

This decision was declared following the diagnosis of 77 passengers out of the 165 who were on the first flight, with coronavirus.

Nearly 1,300 Bahrainis were stuck in Iran for more than one month before Bahrain’s decision to start their evacuation.

Bahraini authorities have banned the entry of their citizens from Iran to Bahrain. In fact, some believe that they are evading responsibilities towards their nationals by pursuing this strange and unprecedented policy. However, many countries around the world have returned their nationals from other regions.

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