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From stories, one can understand how to live

SHAFAQNA – Khamenei :In commemoration of Farid al-Din Muhammad Attar Nishaburi – one of the most celebrated fiction writers, poets and mystics in the sixth and seventh centuries of the Hijri calendar, who was killed in the Mongol attack on Iran – an excerpt from Imam Khamenei’s statements about the importance of storytelling and using rich Persian literature is published.

The Iranian way of thinking is in such a way that they tend to like storytelling. One example of this is the book “Shah-Nameh,” which is full of stories from the start to its end […].

What is the purpose of telling stories? Why has it been said that we should tell stories to our children? Why have stories received so much attention from rulers throughout history, including Islamic rulers? This is because stories teach us lessons about life by way of their heroes. In stories, everyone can find perfection and the ways for his/her life. That is why if a story wants to show us the wrong way, it has drifted away from its philosophical purpose and is no longer valuable. As a result, we should emphasize the fact that some stories do not have any worth.

There are many stories in “Mathnavi” (by Moulavi) and Sheikh Attar’s “The Conference of the Birds.” Consider the book “One Thousand and One Nights,” which is well-known throughout the world. I believe “One Thousand and One Nights” has entered cultures throughout the world. There are many stories in it, including “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp,” and many other such stories.

One Thousand and One Nights” is truly an extraordinary collection of good stories. Another good book is “Forty Parrots.” This book has different stories, some of which are much sweeter, more logical and more proper and can, therefore, be benefitted from.

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