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US: Mosques around WAVE Country begin to reopen

SHAFAQNA- Churches and mosques have opened or are opening across WAVE Country, Louisville, KY. Area Mosques, including the Muslim Community Center off of Westport Road, opened up on Monday with new guidelines including limited prayer services and physical distancing measures. The Guiding Light Islamic Center off of Six Mile Lane did the same. Opening back up on Wednesday starting with an evening and early morning prayer service. “We are going to reopen very slowly,” Khalid Awad from the Guiding Light Islamic Center said.

Awad says they will also be very careful. People coming to the Muslim Community Center and Guiding Light Islamic Center will have their temperatures taken before they come in, will need to wear a facemask, and bring their own prayer mat. Children under 12 are asked to stay home. At the Guiding Light Mosque only 100 people are allowed at any given time. “It’s extremely important to follow the guidelines,” Awad said. “We are doing it to protect ourselves and everyone around us. We don’t want them to contract the virus and take it to their families”, Wave3 reported.

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