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Our Opportunity to Obey the Prophet (PBUH) & Imam Ali (AS)

SHAFAQNA- we see that people get the opportunity to obey the present Imam even if he misses the time of the previous Imam. People got the opportunity to obey and serve the Imams (AS) of their respective times. Similarly we have got the opportunity to obey and serve the 12th Imam (AJ). By this we can undo the past errors of the previous generations. We may wonder that Ali (AS) cannot be followed directly now because of his absence and the obedience required vis-à-vis the event of Ghadir cannot be apparently accomplished.

But the truth is we can still accomplish, that obedience; by finding out & obeying the orders of the 12 successors & by submitting to the orders of the Imam (AJ), the final vicegerent of Ali (AS),who is sitting at the position of Ali (AS) today. For increased benefits of the Imam (AJ) we should be true expectant of the re-appearance of the Imam (AJ). For with the re-appearance of the Imam (AJ) we will receive justice and all the past errors will be set right by the Imam (AS).

But to be the true expectants of the Imam (AJ) we should at least take care of the following:
1. Acquire Marifat -True recognition of the Imam (AJ) – Since everything starts with the true recognition without which it is impossible to proceed and obey him.
2. Learning our duties and submitting to the words of Imam (AJ) – We must first learn our duties and then also find out & follow the words of the Imam (aj). If we do not follow the words of the Imam (AJ) then what will be the difference between us and those who disobeyed the words of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) proclaimed at Ghadir?
3. Educating others about religion – Since Imam (A) will be acting on a society basis and not only on an individual basis, it is necessary that we educate others so as to form a more conducive society for the Imam (AJ).
4. Awaiting the reappearance – we should await every moment that the Imam (A) will reappear and hence should be prepared to participate in the revolution of Imam (AS). Awaiting the reappearance.
5. Pray for the relief – There are 2 benefits in this praying, one is that before the social relief happens, our own individual relief will take place immediately. Second is that ,we will have our vital role to play in the social relief process.
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