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Is boasting bad?

SHAFAQNA – Ahmad ibn Mohammad Al-Byzanty narrated: One day Imam Reza/Ridha (AS) sent a horse for me to ride on it, and went to see Imam (AS), and I was with Imam (AS) until midnight. Then I got ready to depart, and Imam (AS) said: I do not think you can return to Medina at this time, stay with us tonight and go in the morning with the blessing of God. I obeyed Imam (AS), and Imam (AS) told his house helper to prepare Imam’s (AS) own bed for me with his own blanket and pillow. Al-Byzanti added: I told myself: What an honour has been granted to me tonight. Allah (SWT) granted such a dignified status for me with Imam Reza (AS) which has not been granted to any other companions.

Imam (AS) sent me his own horse, and provided his own bed, his own blanket and his own pillow for me. None of the companions has been granted such a status. At this time that Imam was sitting next to me, and I was telling these words to myself; Imam Reza (AS) said: O’ Ahmad, one day Amiral Momeneen, Imam Ali (AS) went to visit Zaid ibn Sohan who was ill, and Zaid boasted to others about Imam’s (AS) visit. Imam (AS) said: Never let your soul makes you to boast, and (always) be humble and submissive in front of God [1].

[1] Oyoun Akhbar Al-Reza (AS), Vol. 2, Page 212.

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