15 things everyone’s Facebook Year In Review would include if it was being completely honest


Hey, what’s this?

Facebook’s been going through all your posts like some crazy stalker ex and created a weird digital tribute in celebration of you?

And now it wants you to share said Facebook Year In Review with all your friends to show them how awesome you are?

Er, ok.

But, let’s face it, quite a lot of key things have been missed out.

Things like this.

1. The 1,286 group selfies where you looked a bit fat / had your eyes half open / had hamster cheeks which were carefully de-tagged within two minutes of your ‘friends’ posting.

2. The 14,698 times your mum liked your posts, even when they were references to GoT, which she has never watched a day in her life.

3. Those 227 times your iPhone slid off your bed while you put it down between tweets and, instead of getting up and crouching to pick it up (so much effort), you simply leant off the bed and reached down for it like some sort of phone-obsessed monkey reaching for a banana.

4. That day you lost skiving off work so you could sit at home and refresh the Glastonbury ticket sales web page repeatedly.

5. Those hours (days? months?) you starting Googling something vaguely work-related then somehow ended up on Wikipedia reading about the national cheese of Denmark.

6. The 348 times you’ve been included in a Facebook group message that really has nothing to do with you and considered de-friending all those responsible for the ensuing alerts.

7. The 12,469 times you’ve seen pics of Kim-K and/or her arse and wished she’d just put it away.

8. The 62 days you spent playing Clash Of Clans, some of which may have been entire days after the update.

9. That time you thought about doing the Ice Bucket Challenge then didn’t, partly because it sounded like the dumbest way ever to support a charity, partly because, er, you didn’t want to be drenched with a bucket of ice-cold water.

10. That week your whole world centred around the iPhone 6 (you queued, you called your phone provider relentlessly) then it arrived and you realised it’s too big to type one-handed unless you have big, scary giant hands.

11. That week your feed was all snarky comments about Dapper Laughs, despite the fact you had no idea he even existed the week before.

12. Those 7,824 hours you spent reviewing your own Facebook page and missing the fact one of your friends had a baby, another had a birthday and another had just posted a really hilarious video of old people dancing to Turn Down For What.

13. The 30 days you spent trying to understand the popularity of loom bands.

14. The 50 hours you spent on quizzes and deep philosophical thought trying to find your spirit animal (which was always obviously going to be a pug, right?)

15. A picture of you, with unwashed hair and sleep-crusted eyes, staring at your phone at 3am because that’s definitely the best time to see what your ex and his new girlfriend are doing.

Hm, maybe you should make them a Year In Review…

Source : http://metro.co.uk/2014/12/27/15-things-everyones-facebook-year-in-review-would-include-if-it-was-being-completely-honest-5000489/

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