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How should believers react to what others say about them?

SHAFAQNA – The great Shia Scholar Sheikh Toosi (RA) narrated: One day, some of Imam Ridha’s (AS) friends gathered in his house, and Yonus bin Abdul Rahman who was one of the trusted individuals and a noble personality was also present in that gathering. When they were engaged in discussions, suddenly a group from Basra came and asked for permission to enter. Imam (AS) told Yonus: Go to such a room and make sure you do not show any reaction, unless you are permitted to do so. Then Imam (AS) gave permission and the group entered and started to gossip and saying bad words about Yonus.

At this time Imam (AS) dropped his head and said nothing, and did not show any reaction until they stood up and wanted to leave. Then Imam (AS) allowed Yonus to exit that room. Whilst crying and sad, Yonus addressed Imam (AS): O’ the son of the Prophet (PBUH), may my life be sacrificed for you, I socialize with these people whilst I did not know they will talk about me in such a way; and accuse me of such things. Imam Ridha (AS) kindly addressed Yonus and said: O’ Yonus, do not be sad, let them say what they want, these talks are not important; when your Imam is happy and satisfied with you, there is no place for worries.

O’ Yonus, try to talk to people according to their knowledge, and explain Divine Knowledge for them, and refrain from talking about issues where they are unable to understand. O’ Yonus, when you have a precious jewel in your hand, and people say it is a stone; or vice-versa, what kind of effect such sayings have on your belief and thinking? And what are the benefits or harms from such sayings and thinking by other people? After Imam’s (AS) words, Yonus became calm and said: No, their sayings are not important to me. Imam (AS) said: O’ Yonus, therefore, if you have found the right way, and have realized the truth, and your Imam is also satisfied with you, others thinking and sayings must not affect you at all; let them say what they want [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 2, Page 65.

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