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Imam Ali Al-Ridha (A.S.) & The Holy Quran – Part 2

SHAFAQNA-It is reported from a person called Rayyan that he once asked Imam Ali ibn Musa Ar-Ridha (AS): What do you say about the Holy Quran? Imam (AS) replied: It is the speech of Allah (SWT). Do not venture ahead of it nor seek guidance from other than it otherwise you shall be led astray. Muhammad bin Musa Nasr Al-Raazi has narrated that he heard his father telling Imam Ar-Ridha (AS), By Allah (SWT)! There is no one more noble than your father and forefathers on this earth. Imam (AS) said: It is TAQWA (God-wariness) that made them so noble and it is the obedience of Allah (SWT) that gave them greatness.

Then another person said: By Allah (SWT)! You are the best of all people. Imam (AS) said, O Man! Do not take an oath (on this matter). Better than me is he who is more God-wary and more obedient to Allah (SWT) than me. By Allah (SWT)! This verse has not been abrogated: ˜..And We made you nations and tribes that you may identify with one another. Indeed the noblest of you in the sight of Allah (SWT) is the most God-wary among you (49:13). (˜Uyoon Akhbaar Ar-Ridha)

Hassan bin Musa Al-Baghdadi has reported that:

[Once Zayd, a brother of Imam Ar-Ridha (AS) was seen boasting about himself and his family to others. Imam (AS) came nearer to listen to what he was saying and then addressed him in the following manner: O Zayd! What has made you so boastful about yourself? Indeed Fatimah Al-Zahra (SA) is the best, purest and the chastest of all; and that Allah (SWT) has forbidden the fire of Jahannam on her progeny. But by Allah (SWT)! Except for Al-Hassan (AS) and Al-Hussain (AS) who were born from her pure womb, her progeny does not include anyone else.

On one hand Musa ibn Jaffar (AS) (referring to their own father) used to obey the commands of Allah (SWT), spend his days in fasting and nights in worship and on the other hand it is you (the son) who is sinning! Do you think that on the Day of Judgement Allah (SWT) will treat you both (father and son) equally and that you shall enjoy a respectable and higher position than him in the sight of Allah (SWT)? Certainly, Ali ibn Al-Hussain (AS) used to say: ˜From among us “ the Ahlul-Bayt (AS), one who does a good act shall be rewarded twice and one who commits a sin shall be punished twice

Imam (AS) then turned towards Hassan bin Musa and said, How do you read this verse: Nuh! Verily he is not of your family; Verily his conduct is other than righteous? (The verse that refers to the son of Nuh (AS) who drowned on account of his disbelief and Nuh (AS) was distressed by it). Hassan bin Musa said: Some say that it means the deed of Nuh’s (AS) son was not righteous and some claim that he was not Nuh’s (AS) son. Imam (AS) said: This is certainly not true! He was indeed the son of Nuh (AS) but on account of his disobedience to Allah (SWT), he was removed from the family of Nuh (AS). Similarly, anyone from the Ahlul-bayt(AS) who disobeys Allah (SWT) is not from us; and you (O’ Hassan) if you obey Allah (SWT), you will become part of us “ the Ahlul-bayt (AS). ] (Biharal-Anwaar)


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