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Imam Ali Al-Ridha (A.S.) & The Holy Quran – Part 3

SHAFAQNA- Faith (Imaan) stands on four supports: Trust in Allah (SWT); Satisfaction in whatever God destines; Submission to God’s commandments; and entrusting God with all the affairs. The virtuous servant says: ..And I entrust my affairs to Allah (SWT). Indeed Allah (SWT) sees best the servants. Then Allah saved him from their evil schemes.. (40:44-45) (Tuhafal-Uqool) Regard your relatives even by providing them a mouthful of water. The best form of maintaining ties with your relatives is to save them from your evil. Allah says: Do not render your charities void by reproaches and affronts. (2:264) (Tuhafal-Uqool)

In other words, the instruction is that do not make your charities towards your relatives fruitless by reproachfully reminding them about your favours and making them feel inferior and insulted. Imam Ar-Ridha (AS) was once in the court of Mamoon Ar-Rasheed during the session in which the discussion was about whether night preceded day in creation or vice-versa. Al-Fadhl bin Sahl addressed the question to Imam (AS). Imam (AS) asked, Do you want me to extract the answer from Allah’s (SWT) Book or the astronomical estimations? Al-Fadhl said: I would like you to mention the astronomical estimations first.

Imam (AS) said, You claim that the world began with Cancer and the stars were in its prospect. On that account, Saturn was in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Capricorn, Venus in Pisces, the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Aries in the middle of the sky. This occurs only in daylight. Al-Fadhl asked: What about the Book of Allah (SWT)? Imam (AS) replied, The answer is in Allah’s (SWT) saying: Neither it behooves the sun to overtake the moon, nor may the night outrun the day (36:40) This means that day preceded night. (Tuhafal-Uqool)

The last words of Imam (AS) were:

Say: Even if you had remained in your houses, those destined to be slain would have set out toward the places where they were laid to rest. (3:154) And Allah’s (SWT) commands are ordained by a precise ordaining. (33:38) (Quran-o-Itrat)

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