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PressTV/ Australia passes law to bar nationals from joining militant groups

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Australia has passed new legislation aimed at preventing radical elements from joining terrorist groups and fighting in overseas conflicts.

The Australian government passed the legislation on Thursday after scores of nationals reportedly joined militant groups such as those in Iraq and Syria over the past few months.

At least 70 Australians have taken up arms in Iraq and Syria backed by about 100 Australia-based “facilitators,” Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott told parliament, adding, “The best way to deal with returning foreign fighters is to stop them leaving in the first place.… I’m able to inform the House that some 70 Australian passports have been cancelled to stop terrorists or potential terrorists from travelling.”

Beside Australia, fears have recently grown in several other countries as well that those Western militants trained in Syria and Iraq may carry out terrorist attacks once they return home.

Last month, the Australian police foiled a plot by militants linked to the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in the country. The police raided dozens of locations in the country’s most populous city of Sydney as well as the eastern city of Brisbane.

Fifteen people were arrested during the raids, with the prime minster saying that they had been plotting to carry out gruesome “demonstration executions” that could have taken place within days.

Abbott has called the ISIL Takfiri group a “terrorist army” that is committing barbaric acts in Iraq and Syria.

Canberra believes that at least 60 Australians are fighting alongside the ISIL Takfiris, while another 100 are actively working to back the terrorist group in Australia.




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