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US and Arab countries need to have new era of interactions with Iran: Analyst

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- US and world powers’ demands to curb Iran’s nuclear activities beyond laws will lead nowhere, and therefore, US and Arab countries had better begin a new era of interactions with Iran and end enmities, said a veteran Iranian analyst.

Former top nuclear negotiator Seyed Hossein Mousavian said that the US and most of the Arab countries have throughout the 35 years after the Islamic Revolution pursued a dual-purpose policy regarding Iran, initially aimed at regime change, and if not successful, efforts aimed at weakening and segregation of Iran.

“US and Arab countries have tried all options, including invading the Iranian soil, using weapons of mass destruction against Iran, imposing the harshest sanctions, and clandestine war, and simultaneously all the while they have been claiming that Iran has expanded its influence in the region and in the Arab world,” he said.

Mousavian said that this means that today Iran is despite all those enmities the most stable, most powerful and most influential country in the region, and therefore, I propose that the US and the Arab countries will instead of encountering and observing enmity against Iran end them and begin an era of interactions and cooperation.

In the conference attended by some 1000 present day and former US and Arab world politicians Mousavian surveyed the geopolitical changes in the region, claiming that the Arab League has fallen, some US allies have fallen, and some Arab countries are on the verge of collapse.

“The US is incapable of managing the Middle East crisis, the peace process of Arab-Israeli conflict is defeated due to the stubborn attitude of Netanyahu, and not due to Iran’s policies, and yet the region is faced with the bugger threat of terrorism and extremism, lead by the ISIS,” reiterated the Iranian veteran politician.

On sabotage of the Arab countries in improvement of the Iran-US relations, the former deputy secretary of Supreme National Security Council said that the Iranian government needs to pursue a dual-purpose policy.

“Improvement of ties with the neighboring Arab countries, and meanwhile resolving the nuclear issue with the US will be the two objectives of that policy, followed by cooperation in restoration of peace and stability in the Middle East,” he said.





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