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US needs Iran’s assistance in Middle East: Russian analyst

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- United States needs Iran’s assistance, as a major regional player, to resolve the Middle East problems, Rajab Safarov, head of Russia’s Contemporary Iran Studies said here Friday.

“The US cannot all by itself resolve the regional problems, which is why Washington has ties it hopes to gaining Iran’s contributions,” said Safarov in a political meeting.

The Russian political analyst said that the Americans hope the Iranian nuclear issue will be resolved so that the obstacles in the way of cooperation with that country in regional issues will be eliminated.

He said that the final comprehensive nuclear agreement is scheduled to be signed between Iran and the Sextet on November 24.

Safarov said that there are three scenarios on the near future of the nuclear negotiations, either the agreement will be signed on November 24, or it will not, and the third scenario is that the negotiations’ period will be extended for another few months.

The Russian analyst said that if the comprehensive agreement will be signed President Barack Obama will consider it a great achievement for Washington, while it will be a big positive point for President Hassan Rouhani.

He said that signing such as agreement will pave the path for cooperation between Iran and the West.

He said that tens of million dollars of foreign investments will be injected to Iranian economic projects.

Safarov predicted that after the signing of that predicted agreement the level of the people’s lives will gradually improve, Iran’s role in the Middle East will increase, and Iran will begin playing a dynamic role in resolving the regional crises.

He said that some regional countries, particulalryly Saudi Arabia, that consider Iran’s increase regional role to their loss will be disappointed with the signing of the nuclear agreement, and Israel will be disappointed and begin shouting that Iran is a nuclear threat to receive more arms from the US.

The Russian analyst predicted that the US and the West need to give some concessions to Iran to convince Tehran to cooperate with them, such as heeding Iran’s demands in Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan, and the US might even impose pressure against Saudi Arabia respectively.





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