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How did the prophets of God reform characters?

SHAFAQNA – The prophets (of God) recognized the human being in a way that each individual intrinsically is a human and the human beings are corrupted by the society, and another personality/character is built/formed on their humane personality. And that humane personality becomes a captive/prisoner of their corrupt social personalities. And at the beginning the prophets go after that humane personality of the human beings in order to arouse (to awaken) the human beings against their social personalities. If they had succeeded; it was fine, and if they had not, then they use other way/path, they break their social pharaonic character/personality [1].

[1] Jaa’mi’eh va Tarikh dar Quran, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), Vol. 2, Page 216.

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