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What the Hadith of Manzila say about the succession of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

SHAFAQNA- Scholars of Hadith and Sira relate that when the Prophet (PBUH) was setting out on the campaign of Tabuk among some thirty thousand men, Ali (AS) asked him: “Shall I come with you?” He replied: “No.” This distressed Ali (AS) greatly, so God’s Messenger told him:

“Are you not pleased to be with me in the same station (Manzila) as Aaron was to Moses, except that there will be no prophet after me?” (Bukhārī, tradition nos. 4706 and 4416).

We know that Aaron (AS), according to the Quran, was a prophet and, at the same time, Moses’s (AS) assistant and successor. Thus, Ali (AS) was the Prophet’s (PBUH) assistant and his successor. According to Muslims, the famous Sunni traditionist, when Muʿawiya ordered the people to insult Ali (AS) he saw that Saʿad ibn Abi Waqqas did not do so. When he questioned him about the reason for this, Saʿad replied: “I do not insult Ali (AS) because I remember three things the Prophet (PBUH) told him even one of which would be a great honour to me.” And then Saʿad reported the above Prophet’s (PBUH) words to Ali (AS) at the time of the campaign of Tabuk (Muslim 6/120).

Source: Shīa Islam: History and Doctrines, Ayatullāh Jaʿfar Subḥānī, Chapter 3

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